Welcome to the

Southern Academy of Swordsmanship

and Western Martial Arts

259.JPGhe SAS provides instruction in the practice of historical European swordmanship and other Indo-european combat from wrestling and early period studies to fully armoered combat to the bowie knife. Formalized in 2008, the SAS is a modern school of swordsmanship and martial arts. Techniques are drawn from ancient fencing manuals, direct reasearch, study with current leading authorities, and practical knowledge of martial arts.

The practice of sworsmanship consists of solo drills, partnered exercises, test-cutting with sharp weapons, fencing with specially-designed, blunt weapons and wrestling. This is not  modern sport or theatrical display. It is a martial art, ancient and effective. Techniques are taught in reference to how they are used in real combat. We also explain how they function against modern threats. An absolute emphasis on safety, control, competence, and skill at arms, is required to study with weapons.

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